2018/02/21 15:25

New developers portal just launched

After months of intensive preparations, we have launched the new developers portal Erste API Hub ( You can find here complete documentation and testing environment of Česká spořitelna API - including other APIs beyond PSD2. Later, we will also provide more APIs and more banks from Erste Group.

Documentation is immediately accessible to everyone without registration.

After short registration you will be able to manage your own team, including individual members - who only develops and those who negotiate with the bank on contractual and legal aspects.

Last but not least, you will also have a sandbox where you can fully test all APIs and their behavior before going into production.

What happens to current apps?

Existing API keys and applications are still working, but in the coming months we will be dealing with migration to the new portal environment. More information on this topic will follow.

Questions and comments?

In the coming weeks and months, we are preparing further improvements to the portal and above all documentation.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know at

2018/01/13 00:15 (edited 2018/01/13 00:23)

New version of developers portal and API comming soon

Hi there! our goal is to keep both API and developers portal updated. We are finishing new versions of developers portal including some new and updated API. If you would like to know more, please contact as on

2017/12/15 11:16

API keys registration screwed for the moment

Hello community, something went wrong in the source code in one of our components so automatic registration of API keys will be temporarily out of order, trying to fix it asap.

2017/11/21 11:30

API keys registration temporarily unavailable

Hello Community! Because of the migration of the WebAPI core to the newest version, the automatic API keys registration is unavailable approximately till Thursday (23.11.) We're very sorry for the possible inconvenience!

Sincerely yours, WebAPI.

2017/06/27 13:35

New endpoints and API versions

Dear developers, dear Community! We are going to publish new functionalities to WebAPI to make it even better for you!

More specific list of enhancements follows:

  1. Transparent Accounts API
    • New query parameters, same API version.
  2. Exchange Rates API
    • New API version - new endpoints and query parameters.
  3. HypoCalc
    • New API version
  4. Branches and Places
    • New endpoints

If You use these WebAPIs, please let us know at . We'll give you access to the new documentation in advance. We'll deprecate original versions in Autumn 2017.

Sincerely Yours WebAPI team

2017/04/10 10:02

Hi developers! Tonight: Monday to Tuesday 00:00-04:00 WebAPI ST (system test) will be unavailable due to the beta testing of disconnection from core systems.

2017/02/24 12:54 (edited 2017/04/05 13:50)

Issue/Idea tracking system launched

Dear community, if You will have any problem with our WebAPI or any idea, since now on please use our Github issue tracking system located on the following link:

2017/02/16 10:48 (edited 2017/02/16 21:12)

Technical breakdown 17.-20.2.

Dear Community, developers and everybody else. We'll have a technical test running on our infrastructure during this weekend. It could possibly happen that development environment sandbox and system test will be temporarily unavailable. We're sorry for any possibly caused inconveniences!


2017/01/30 12:53 (edited 2017/01/30 12:56)

SDK Public Launch ETA 1 week!

Meanwhile click here..;-)

2016/12/23 12:30 (edited 2017/01/10 16:22)

Merry Christmas!

Developers, non developers, shortly our community :-) We would like to thank You all for your encouragement, feedback and new challenges which You address us. Without You, we would not be here. As a new year's gift we're preparing publication of the first SDKs, stay tuned!