Enhance your app with a part of our Bank!

Shape the future of banking with us.

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Our API is reliable

  • We stick to the standards

    SOAP and XML is so old school

    We move with the times. Our API is RESTful with JSON as the data exchange format. We keep up-to-date documentation in Apiary.

    Just add your API key to the request header and let our programs talk.

  • We won’t break your code

    Once released, stays released

    Our API doesn’t change on the fly. We won’t change our implementation so you don’t have to worry your app will stop working out of the blue.

    We version our API and we will inform you well in advance if we stop supporting older versions.

  • Fair rate limiting

    We won’t hold you back

    Each of our APIs has a limited number of queries you can run every day. We set the limit high enough for development as well as production.

    We’ll send you an e-mail in advance if your app approaches the daily limit.

    We will be happy to discuss changing the rate limits if they are too low for your needs. Feel free to contact us at developers@csas.cz.

  • Safety first

    Maximum safety with minimum effort

    All communication with API is encrypted with HTTPS.

    What is more, API requests dealing with money and accounts are additionally secured with HMAC signature.

    When it comes to security, we pay special attention to mobile devices.

  • We support your success

    Increase the value of your apps

    Thanks to the integration with our API, your app can benefit from our banking system.

    You can offer a unique value to your customers and partners.

  • Clear vision

    We provide the best bank API in the world

    We are quickly moving forward. There is a new feature every 30 hours! We plan to enable API for active financial transactions.


Get access

Sign up for an API key, describe your use-case and connect to our API.


Build your app

Use the sandbox to experiment, then code and test against the provided test environment.


Get approved

Request production access for your app and go live! See details of the approval process in the registration e-mail in the “CSAS API - Terms & Conditions”

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2017/11/21 11:30

API keys registration temporarily unavailable

Hello Community! Because of the migration of the WebAPI core to the newest version, the automatic API keys registration is unavailable approximately till Thursday (23.11.) We're very sorry for the possible inconvenience!

Sincerely yours, WebAPI.


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